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...and how we came here

We are a Portuguese/English couple who moved to central Portugal from England 4 years ago with our young daughter.

Our plan was to acquire land and a building we could renovate into a family home. We had hoped for enough space to set up a small, low-impact, eco-conscious and ultimately affordable ‘Glampsite’, whilst cultivating a forest garden - a little hide-away affording real relaxation.

We settled in Serra do Espinhal, a heavily wooded hillside south of Coimbra, and whilst we ourselves carried out the house renovation, we purchased a Mongolian yurt in which to live in. Two years later, we moved into the house. But now we had first hand experience of what made these dwellings work well, and had quite a magical time in that yurt of ours, re-awakening us to the sights and sounds of nature in such a subtle and holistic way from the delights of brightly moonlit nights with dancing fireflies and hooting owls, deer calling down the valley and wild boar scuffling the terraces below.

Our harbored dream, to set up an affordable yurt retreat, emerged from our believe that there is so much to enjoy in the relaxed and informal atmosphere of a yurt or tipi (now speaking from good experience), an almost healing and spiritual breath of fresh air, is how the vast majority of people experience their stay - it is said that circular spaces give a good energy flow and we couldn't agree more!

Solid and transportable, the age old design of these nomadic “tents”, bestow a calmness and tranquility like none other, hence they are catching on - whether as permanent alternative shelter, workshop, healing space, show-tent or like ours now is, holiday rental accommodation with a difference - more like a luxury safari than a campsite, more like a retreat than a hotel.

Living in the yurt gave us many insights to the pleasures and downfalls of living in such a construction, an important experience that allowed us to turn it into an attractive option for holidaying guests seeking something more wholesome, exotic and down to earth in their accommodation choice. On a yurt or tipi holiday, the accommodation is as much the focus of the holiday as the surrounding wildlife, culture and activities etc...

Kids love them, adults are utterly charmed by them, and we really believe they can bring out the child again in all of us! We all know the therapeutic effects a bigger connection with the harmonizing and liberating ambience of the countryside has, and a stay in a tipi or yurt is a wonderful way to achieve just that. Just like a traditional camping trip, only minus the drawbacks and so much more comfortable!

And so, our wish is to offer this experience and provide a mind-nourishing and playful garden that, we hope, will bring guests back time and again as we create and cultivate a secret little corner of hidden delights, with sculptures and quirky objects of interest waiting to be found.

In addition, we aspire to develop our smallholding into a flourishing forest garden - an age old concept enjoying a revival - whilst learning and implementing a permaculture ethic.

Simple living with time to relax, enjoy and think outside of the constraints and the stresses of everyday modern life, just the time when the moment of inspiration often comes - when we are away from it all. We know only too well why we all need to get away and the benefits it brings, and our aim is to provide an affordable and exciting alternative to the hotel norm, or the hassle of organizing a family camping trip.

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